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Quality you have come to expect

If you're looking for a portable fire extinguisher for your home, business, or even your car, come to McCormack Fire Extinguishers Specialists. We offer both sales and service of portable fire extinguishers. You'll get practical, low-cost solutions for your fire equipment needs.


Our experienced team can inspect, test, and recharge your fire extinguisher on-site, or you can stop by our location. Call us today and let us know how we can assist you with your fire

safety needs.

We don't cut corners

McCormack Fire Extinguishers Specialists offers the most comprehensive portable fire extinguisher service in the business. You know you're getting a thorough inspection and service of your extinguisher when you call us.

Perfect for your:

• Home

• Business

• Automobile

• Camper

• Apartment

• And more

Dedication and commitment to your safety

McCormack Fire Extinguishers Specialists is a leader in fire safety equipment for the Conroe, Texas area. Our commitment to excellence surpasses all others. You'll receive professional sales and service, inspections, testing, and recharging of all portable fire extinguishers. No matter if you are a commercial business or a residential homeowner, we have the right products for you.


Total security

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