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Do you know if your fire extinguisher or suppression system is working correctly? Has it been a long time since somebody has had the need to use them? If you don’t know or you're concerned that your fire safety equipment is not working properly, give McCormack Fire Extinguishers Specialists a call.


Our experienced team can visit you on-site to test and service your equipment if needed. If you need re-certification services, we can do that too. Trust the name that has been taking care of your fire safety equipment for over 22 years.

Keep your system up to par

You can depend on McCormack Fire Extinguishers Specialists to help you with your re-certification of your fire extinguishing equipment. We offer a full and comprehensive inspection of your extinguishers and fire suppression systems. If your system needs charging, we can do that too. If you need new equipment, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today to learn more.

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Invest in your future

It is important to regularly check your fire extinguishers and suppression systems to guarantee they will work when you need them most. Ease your mind and give McCormack Fire Extinguishers Specialists a call to come and thoroughly inspect your services. Expect professional, courteous, and prompt service when we come to you.


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